SILO Compliance System and Domus Semo Sancus Release New Artificial Intelligence Driven Due Diligence Compliance System

The new KYC/AML Bundled Solution delivers on the promise of using advanced learning algorithms to save customers 40% ROI and more easily meet the growing demand for intelligent due diligence


SILO Compliance System and Domus Semo Sancus (DSS) announced today the release of their KYC/AML Bundled Solution that includes SILO, the easy-to-use and easy-to-install client due diligence management system, and, the award-winning cloud-based Enhanced Due Diligence background checking tool.
Customers of the bundle will receive over 30% savings off the list price of the individual products, according to E. Jay Saunders, Chairman and CEO of Domus Semo Sancus.
“With record fines still being announced for KYC/AML non-compliance issues, it is clear organizations the world over are in need of solutions that can help them better detect and manage risk. Our SILO+SafetyNet bundle, which comes with SafetyNet EDD, will help organizations reduce their risk, and because we offer the best value for money, also their cost,” said Saunders.
“We constantly envision new capabilities and features for our customers and clients and see our partnership with DSS as a way to further our leadership in customer due diligence compliance,” said Kimberly Smith on behalf of SILO. “This bundle will help SILO Compliance users meet the every increasing demands made by regulators on compliance staff, saving hours of analysis by using more advanced technology and compliance cost strategies.”

About Domus Semo Sancus (DSS)
Domus Semo Sancus (DSS) Ltd, founded by E. Jay Saunders in Nov. 2014, is a financial
technology company that is building tools to encourage financial inclusion and bridge the e-
commerce divide. is DSS’ award-winning enhanced due diligence (EDD) cognitive search and crime prevention tool. It helps companies comply with KYC and AML rules and regulations by utilizing an artificial intelligence engine to help companies spot and mitigate risks before they become threats., powered by IBM Watson, is cloud based and is offered in the following subscriptions: Lite, EDD (Enhanced Due Diligence), EDD Enterprise, Safe City, and Developer.
About SILO Compliance Ltd.
SILO COMPLIANCE delivers and supports advanced due diligence solutions that provide customers with cost effective and easy to use tools for the modern compliance reporting environment. The industry leading product, SILO Compliance System, recommended by a number of high-profile customers, is an easy-to-use application that enables its users to archive and retrieve client due diligence documentation, risk-rate and monitor their clients, run all compliance reports, and efficiently train all staff. SILO Compliance System is used by trust companies, credit unions, corporate service providers, assets managers, insurance companies and law and accounting firms across many highly regulated jurisdictions. SILO Compliance Ltd. is headquartered in the Cayman Islands. Additional information can be found at and by requesting information to

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