Main Features of SILO

“Reliable, amazing, efficient and easy to use, SILO Compliance has helped us tremendously to monitor when KYC documents become expired.  In addition to wonderful features, SILO offers excellent user and system support.  We couldn’t be more pleased with SILO to help us accomplish our department needs.”

For Management

You are provided with an overview of your business’s compliance status in clear, simple visuals.

For Compliance Staff

You can upload your client due diligence, keep track of due diligence in progress and client monitoring due, and generate compliance related reports, all at the touch of a button. No more searching for data or struggling through spreadsheets.

Client Due Diligence

SILO gives each of your clients its own profile page, setting out, in an easy-to-view format, due diligence documents, alerts (if any), your notes, senior management approval of PEPS and other critical data.

All documents uploaded into SILO can be assigned expiry dates, and you are notified at log-in of expired documents. You can also generate reports on clients with missing documents.

Additionally, you can connect key relationships to corporate clients and satisfy yourself at a glance whether or not due diligence has been completed on any such connections.

Risk Analysis

In addition to providing risk-rating and other customisable drop-down menus, SILO has a unique “Risk Score” feature: it automatically calculates a client’s risk score on the basis of that client’s Politically Exposed status, any higher-risk jurisdictions it is associated with and any alerts and/or higher risk services you provide to it.

Client Monitoring

Immediately upon log-in, SILO shows you clients due for monitoring and those with expired documents. You can also run separate reports on Politically Exposed Persons, introduced clients, clients with missing documents, staff work load and much more.

Staff Training

SILO makes staff training simple and (crucially) consistent. All you have to do is upload on to SILO your training materials and videos and customise your quizzes.

Each staff member can undertake training when it’s convenient for him/her to do so.

You can review staff training results to make sure everyone has attended and understands the training sessions, and you can generate reports demonstrating to regulators the extent to which staff members have been trained.