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Money laundering is a problem that continues to grow in global markets, including Germany. While there are many businesses that make an honest living, they are at risk of being used in a money-laundering scheme. If that happens, an unsuspecting company could face fines or other punishments. Even worse, a criminal organization will get away with laundering money to support its operations.

Global anti-money laundering (AML) compliance is on the rise, making it harder for criminals and terrorists to launder money as they please. Even in Germany, legislation is making it tougher for criminals by implementing AML practices in every company. Your company can help protect itself by improving the quality of its AML training and compliance systems. With a partner like SILO Compliance, managing an AML program is much easier.

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AML Training

Baffin regulations mandate that your company must comply with AML compliance standards to operate in the country, and a part of that compliance is staff training. At SILO Compliance, we help you develop a program that is engaging, effective, and constantly up-to-date with regulations. Our resources are updated regularly so that you never have to worry about keeping up with regulations.

Corporate AML Programs


If your company operates on a national or international level, then it is required to have an AML program in place. The goal of this program is to teach staff members about anti-money laundering policies so that they can identify and respond to money-laundering when they see it. The program must also include an AML policy for the company with a way to administer it and to complete mandatory reporting for oversight agencies.


Your company’s AML program can be complex with so many things to cover. It may be in your best interest to turn to a company like SILO Compliance for help. We have tools and resources that can help you develop and administer your program in a streamlined and more efficient way.


Global AML Compliance Software

SILO Compliance also offers software that can make program administration easier. You have to track your training progress and other key data points for mandatory reporting. Plus, you’ll have to keep track of changes in regulations. Our software does all of that for you. That way, you won’t have to waste a lot of time and effort trying to collect data every time you need it.

Banks, in particular, find our software useful in reducing overall AML risk. Banks process a large number of transactions per day, making them important targets for money laundering. An effective implementation of global AML Compliance strategies is the best defense against criminal activity. With so many employees, banks find that having a better system for managing training and strategy implementation is essential to their operations.

Your company can benefit from a partnership with SILO Compliance. Call us at +1 501-422-8030 to discuss how we can help you.

Learn More About AML Solutions from SILO Compliance

Stopping money laundering is about more than just stopping criminal activity, it’s about protecting your company from legal problems. Failing to maintain compliance leading to money laundering can lead your company to trouble and incur fines. Even worse, your company could face licensing issues and lose its ability to do business around the world. Avoid those problems by strengthening your AML program with the resources that SILO Compliance has available. Contact SILO Compliance at +1 501-422-8030 to discuss how we can help you meet your AML compliance needs.

Optimize Your AML Practices with SILO Compliance

SILO Compliance is a company that is dedicated to making AML compliance easier for everyone. To that end, we offer a collection of tools and resources used for AML training and administration so that it won’t have a negative impact on your company’s overall function. In short, we have a system that makes AML compliance easier and less intrusive to your business.

Every company needs anti-money laundering practices to protect themselves. Every company can have a high-quality program with the right help. Make sure that your company has the resources that it needs by contacting SILO Compliance at [insert phone number] to schedule a consultation with our team. Let us help you keep your company safe from money laundering with the right tools and resources.

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