Client Risk Assessment Best Practices with Corinna Venturi

So much has changed in the past few years with new industries emerging and tense geopolitical factors changing daily. With more regulators under pressure from the FATF to strengthen AML programs in their country, there is more pressure on the compliance professional to ensure a robust risk assessment of all new and existing clients.

In this broadcast, Kimberly Smith and guest Corinna Venturi discuss the basic criteria of a client risk assesment and explore new risk factors one must consider when assessing a client.

We’ll also go over ongoing monitoring best practices, escalation procedures that you should have established, and take questions from the live audience.

The AML Grey Matters webinar series, presented by SILO Compliance System, is hosted by Kimberly Smith, co-founder of SILO and former MLRO and Compliance Officer. This webinar series hosts experienced compliance professionals and other experts to discuss various aspects of AML compliance or issues impacting AML compliance.

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