Anti-money laundering regulations make up a big part of how companies do business these days. The risk of being involved in money laundering is growing, which means your company is at risk and needs to act to protect itself. An effective AML compliance program is the key to keeping your company safe and productive. Fortunately, SILO Compliance can help you develop a more effective compliance strategy. Call +1 (501) 422-8030 for a detailed look at how we can help you with your AML compliance needs.

Compliance Risk Management System

Every company operating in Australia needs an effective compliance risk management system. To ensure that it provides the quality of protection that you need, it must be able to maintain its AML compliance certification according to the European Union anti-money laundering regulations. This is not an easy task if you do not have the right systems and policies in place. 

Your company needs a Certified AML KYC Compliance Officer to manage your compliance program. Having someone with the right certifications and resources can make the program run smoothly and minimize interruptions to daily operations. At SILO Compliance, we can provide a wide range of software and support resources to help your Compliance Officer supercharge your program.


Every company has unique software, service, and support needs when it comes to AML compliance. Here are some of the ways that SILO Compliance can help with your compliance program:

AML Compliance Software

Anti-money laundering software can help your company resolve many of the problems that companies face in maintaining compliance. With training for all of the staff members, suspicious activity reporting, and tracking program effectiveness, it can be a complex process to manage all of the different aspects of your program. Companies often turn to software to bring all of the disparate parts of their programs together into a single system.

Our software can do that while giving you the tools that you need to handle the different parts of a compliance program. Our software is easy-to-use but powerful enough to give you a lot of control. For example, anti-money laundering software for accountants can be used to complete due diligence on transactions and the people involved while collecting data for SARs submissions. 

The software that you choose may determine how well your program runs. Learn more about how our software can help you by requesting a demo


Every company has different needs when it comes to their AML compliance policies. Some companies have a solid plan and need help with the execution while others need help developing policies. Regardless of the type of help that you need, SILO Compliance can help with consulting services. 

Our AML Compliance Consultants work with you to assess your needs and help you get the right systems in place. We find that many companies that need the help of consultants have problems with their AML KYC CDD (AML Know Your Client Customer Due Diligence). Not having an effective CDD AML program in place leaves you vulnerable to money laundering. We help you close the gaps in your AML defenses so you can focus on the other parts of running your business.  

Learn More About AML Solutions from SILO Compliance

Whether you are trying to create an AML compliance program for a new business or your business just needs some help revamping its old program, we can help. SILO Compliance has everything that you need to develop a more effective and less intrusive compliance management system. Call us at +1 (501) 422-8030 to discuss your compliance needs. 

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